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Embroidery File Converter

Embroidery File Converter

How do I convert embroidery designs and folders to over 20 supported formats such as PES, JEF, SEW and more? You'll find the answer here.

Embroidery file converter
Embroidery file converter
60% Off This Embroidery File Converter

Embroidery File Converter

Convert embroidery files to over 20 different design formats including PES, JEF, SEW, VIP, KSM and more

Batch convert entire folders and sub folders saving lots of time

Supports RGB and COL colour files compatible with Embird and Buzz Tools. Show the design in it's native colours!

Customise the embroidery design thumbnails grid.

Compatible with all Microsoft Windows Versions including. Not compatible with Apple PCs, yet

This embroidery file converter comes FREE with the Embroidery Design Suite App

Embroidery Converter Licenses

Each Embroidery Converter App license purchased entitles the application to be installed on up to 1 computer(s) at any one time. Please see the End user license for details.

Price -
USD $13.60
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This price is a 'onetime' payment and is not subscription based.

Whats on this page...

Conversion Tool Features

New tools to rotate, mirror and center designs- click to see large image

Embroidery design converter

The above images show typical views of the thumbnails.

This helps quickly identify your embroidery designs.

The thumbnail shows the design in it's native colours, stitch count and colour/needle count.

Questions answered about the Data 7 embroidery file format converter?

  • Question: What formats does the Data 7 Converter support?
  • Answer: It supports all the major embroidery design formats including the American home formats such as JEF, PES, SEW etc. - Click here to see more
  • Question: Does it show embroidery thumbnails?
  • Answer: Yes, it shows thumbnails for all the supported formats in a grid and folder browsing window
  • Question: Can I change the thumbnail views to show more or less designs and size?
  • Answer: Yes, there is a standard 4x4 grid or the new folder view supporting thumbnail size configuration showing many designs helping you find your designs quickly
  • Question: Can the Data 7 embroidery design converter process design files in sub folders?
  • Answer: Yes, you can choose to include sub folders or not making the conversion process easy saving time
  • Question: Can I add notes to my designs?
  • Answer: Yes, the design notes feature allows you to add descriptions, colour and even running costs to each design which are printed with design properties
  • Question: Can I convert more than one design file at a time?
  • Answer: Yes, the design file converter supports single or batch file conversion enabling you to convert entire folders and sub folders at a time
  • More reasons to use the Data 7 embroidery design converter:
    • You create and sell your designs but your software only allows you to save embroidery files in a few formats. If you want to sell your designs to the widest audience possible, you would need to provide them in as many formats as possible or the latest formats. So you'll need to convert them into other embroidery formats.
    • You purhcased designs from someone who only had them in the format specific to their machine. If you want to use them on your machine, they'll need converting to the supported embroidery design format
    • You bought a new embroidery machine and your existing embroidery files are in a different format. If you want to use them on the new machine, you'll need to convert them and that's where our converter comes in


Here is a typical embroidery catalogue printing format example included in all of our embroidery software

Here is a typical embroidery design property sheet format including design notes

Designs costing database

All of the Data 7 embroidery software applications now include the design costs database feature.

This allows you to add thread types and addons such as Sequins and more, to your database. You now know what each design costs to sew.

The costs show on the design property pages and are even included on your design sheet printouts. Simply choose what thread and addons are applicable to each design and they are saved.

Design notes

Also included in all of our embroidery software applications is the new "Design Notes" feature.

This allows you to add and edit notes specific to each design easily. Add notes for colour refs, customer details, embroidery info and more.

The notes also show on the design property pages and are even included on your design sheet printouts.

Design Notes example - Click for bigger image

Click the image to see an enlarged example

Supported embroidery design formats

  • Viking VP3 (Beta)
  • Viking SHV (Beta)
  • Viking Husqvarna HUS
  • Pfaff VIP
  • Barudan DOS U01
  • Babylock, Bernina, Brother PES
  • Compucon XXX
  • Elna EMD
  • Generations VST
  • Happy TAP
  • Janome JEF
  • Janome SEW
  • Melco EXP
  • Pfaff KSM
  • Pfaff PCS
  • Pfaff PCM
  • Tajima DSB (Barudan stitch data)
  • Tajima DST (Eltac stitch data)
  • Tajima DSZ (Fortron stitch data)
  • Toyota 10O
  • Wilcom Barudan T03 (Barudan stitch data)
  • Wilcom Tajima T01 (Eltac stitch data)
  • Wilcom Zangs T04 (Fortron stitch data)
  • Wilcom ZSK T05 (Fortron stitch data)
  • And our own Data 7 Quick Expanded QEP
Main app screen

Above shows the typical intuitive user interface that comes with the embroidery converter and viewer and, EDS. It's features a selectable number of designs matrix.

Click the picture above to see the larger image.

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